Bryan Sebastian

Front, back and all-ends-in-between developer

Hello, I’m Bryan...

I’m a programmer

If you think that means I write code, you’re wrong. As a programmer, my job is translating ideas into a working computer solution. Beyond coding, this involves a myriad of tools, processes, and communication.

My skill as a programmer is measured as the sum of these abilities. While I may specialize on specific technology stacks, I always look at the entire spectrum of programming activities. I need to keep up with this fast-moving field. Remaining static would relegate me to becoming a relic of the past.

I take joy seeing people use the products I’ve created. I care about customers and want to make their lives easier. I like being part of a flourishing product and a company that grows around it.

There’s no other job I’d rather have. I’m proud to be a programmer.

I married my best friend Jennifer in 1993 and together we raised four amazing kids. While programming is a big part of my life and will forever be a passion of mine, hanging with family and friends is what I treasure most.